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Your logo is not a brand!

The difference between getting a logo designed and developing a solid brand are all too often confused.

BRAND ELEMENTS2 branded 500Your business branding is not your logo.
A logo is simply an obvious, highly visible brand element. Your brand CAN include a logo but truth is, a logo is optional and a powerful and effective brand strategy can carry a business much further than a simple graphic mark.

Your brand should contain two main dimensions. The brand essence copy/voice and the visual style elements.

High level COPY must-haves include mission / vision / values / purpose statements. These pieces often mirror and reinforce each other, then feeding into your brand’s main statements and elevator pitch. Also often included in brand copy are a tag line and other core statements. This copy is know as the Brand voice.

High level VISUAL BRAND STANDARDS include color palettes, typography selections, often a wordmark or logo and specific usage guides set up into a comprehensive Brand Standards document. Standard pieces can also include textures, patterns or other visual elements. Secondary graphic marks. Layout templates, etc…

Once you get clear on the high level pieces of your brand they will dictate and help to define other choices Ensuring every communication and point of contact with your business is sending the same message.

Strategic, deliberate, consistency is KEY.

Hope this is helpful to all of you building & branding businesses!

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xo- jen